Account Management : How do I Register?

All you need to do is to fill up the Registration form. This will enable you to shop online and for all future references. If you have not registered already then the form appears automatically when click the 'buy now' option from the shopping cart.

Shopping @ Jutebags.com : How to shop @ Jutebags.com?

Step 1: After selecting the item of your choice, click on 'Buy Now' link provided next to the item details. You can Remove or Change the quantity of any item in your cart. The total value would be calculated automatically.

Step 2: After adding all the items you wish to purchase, click on the link 'Buy now'. If you are a first time shopper, you will have to register with us by creating a new account and filling in the personal information in the fields provided. If you are a repeat shopper, you will have to log in using your login name and password.

Step 3: After conformation of your delivery address the shopping cart would shift you to the payment gateway for your payment. It is advisable to make a note of the order number as a reference for any further communication with us.

Delivery: Do you deliver worldwide?

All items are delivered across India using Reliable Express courier & shipping company, Postal Service. However, We are yet to Start International Shipping.

Safety: Is it safe to shop @ jutebags.com?

Safe Shopping 1. How do I know my personal and credit card information is secure? You can feel safe shopping with www.jutebags.com Payment gateways on our website, use industry standard Secure Socket Layer software (SSL) to encrypt your personal and credit card information during the order checkout process. jutebags.com further guarantees that your online transaction will be secure, and that your credit information will be protected.

2. www.jutebags.com Security Guarantee. We guarantee that your online transaction will be secure, and that your credit card information will be protected on www.thecottage.in. In the unlikely event that unauthorized charges are made on your credit card, through no fault of your own, resulting from purchases made on www.jutebags,com utilizing our secure servers, jutebags.com will reimburse you for any and all amounts you are required to pay by the credit card issuer, provided you promptly notify your credit card provider.

Still don’t want to use your credit card on the Internet.

No problem. Just send us an email to info@jutebags.com and one of our Customer Service representatives will gladly respond to your enquiries and We are available to receive your orders 24 hours and 7 days a week.

Search: How do I search for the product of my interest?

Enter the keyword in the box. The keyword can either be a product (e.g. artifact, necklace, etc.) or a category (e.g. marble, wood etc.). This would display all thumbnails images of all the products matching the keyword.

Customer Service: How do I get in touch with jutebags.com for any help?

For questions or suggestions related to Shopping, you can get in touch with our Customer Support Team by sending an email at sales@jutebags.com